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Come experience the nature of the Homosassa  River in Citrus County Florida

Monkey Island Adventures is your one stop to find and explore so much available to do on the Homosassa River....

   Old Homosassa is a historic and picturesque waterfront community located in Homosassa, Florida. Here are some key features and attractions that define Old Homosassa

   Old Homosassa has a strong connection to fishing, and it's not uncommon to see commercial fishing boats and recreational anglers along the river. The area is known for its excellent fishing opportunities, including both freshwater and saltwater species.

   Situated along the Homosassa River and close to the Gulf of Mexico, Old Homosassa offers scenic views of the water. Boating, Scalloping Adventures, kayaking, Eco River Tours and paddle boarding are popular activities, allowing visitors to explore the beautiful waterways and experience the natural surroundings and even Swim with the manatees.

   The community features waterfront restaurants and bars where visitors can enjoy fresh seafood, local cuisine, and beautiful views of the river. The laid-back atmosphere adds to the appeal of these establishments. You can enjoy traveling around Old Homosassa with one of the Golf Cart Rentals.

   The community hosts various events and festivals throughout the year, celebrating local culture, traditions, and the natural surroundings. 

   Old Homosassa remains a destination that attracts those seeking a blend of history, nature, and a laid-back waterfront lifestyle. Whether enjoying the wildlife at the state park, fishing along the river, or experiencing the local arts scene, visitors can immerse themselves in the authentic charm of this historic Florida community......

History of Monkey Island

   The story of Monkey Island starts in the 60's with G.A. "Furgy" Furgason. Also know as "Mr. Homosassa" Furgy was the Vice President for the Norris Cattle Company and a prominent figure in the community. He was responsible for developing much of the surrounding area including, but not limited to the current location for The Florida Cracker Riverside Resort and the Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park. At this time in the 1960's Monkey Island was just a pile of rocks hidden by the high tides and boats would often hit the submerged rocks. Furgy had one of his dredge operators pile dirt on the rocks to make it more noticeable. The pile of rocks turned into an unsightly island in the middle of the river. Furgy made the best of it and added some trees and a light house. Meanwhile, the Wildlife Park park having issues with several monkeys that were escaping from their cages and and wreaking havoc around the park. They stole purses, broke into cars and even bit some folks ! 

   Furgy had the brilliant idea to put these delinquents on his newly acquired "Island", essentially turning the previous rock pile into a Monkey Alcatraz. Additions, including a stilt home were added to the island to better accommodate the original 5 primates, three Spider Monkeys and two squirrel monkeys. Over the years monkeys have come and gone. Currently there are three spider monkeys that reside on Monkey Island. Ralph, Ebony and Emily. Even though ownership of the resort has changed hands in the past, the employees of the resort take care of the monkeys. The monkeys are fed a special diet of fruits, vegetables and monkey chow twice a day. These delightful creatures still entertain anyone who sees them as they frolic on their unique land... 

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